Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Stimulus Details

You can read more about Obama's new stimulus proposal here.

I know this plan will help a lot of people. A number of the large construction companies will see a great deal of increase to their bottom lines. This will be quite a windfall for a number of government contractors. Hooray for them!! I'm sure a large number of blue-collar jobs will be created as a result of the infrastructure work that will be taking place. And believe me, I am all for improving our country's infrastructure.

But does this plan help you and me? I don't see any relief coming for distressed homeowners. I don't see this solving the mortgage crisis. I don't see this stimulus unfreezing the credit markets (and I will be speaking more on this at a later date). In fact, on the surface of the plan, I see absolutely nothing in it for me except a tax increase.

I want our economy to succeed. I want people in general to succeed and find happiness. Will the stimulus plan help get us out of a recession? Maybe. Nobody really knows. There has never been a recession quite like this one. The recession will supposedly end at some point without any government intervention. The stimulus plan is being proposed to hurry the end of the recession. Is it worth $800 Billion to end the recession a few months early?

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