Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Did the Republican Party Go?

An interesting blog post on Daily KOs discussed the downfall of the Republican Party.

My own take on the state of the Republican Party is similar. From an ideological standpoint, the GOP has progressed to the point where the Democratic party was about 20 years ago. Instead of small government, the Republicans are grown the size of the government. Instead of decreased government spending, the administration has spent more than any other presidency. Instead of free-market economy, the government has provided the largest ever bailout to Wall Street. These are all qualities that I would normally associate with the Democrats.

This is what I faced when I went to the polls. I could either vote for Obama, a liberal Democrat, or I could vote for McCain, a "conservative Democrat". That to me is not a choice I want to make, and in fact I voted for neither, instead voting for a third-party candidate.

If the Republican party ever wants my support, they need to find themselves again. They need to get back to basics. They need to remember who they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to represent. Until then, I will hope for the rise of a new political party that better represents my beliefs, ideas, and values.

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